New Acquisitions


Draft card
WWI era US Army draft registration certificate for Ernst Fritz Schuchard of San Antonio. Schuchard later went on to become the President of Pioneer Flour Mills, a San Antonio business founded by his maternal grandfather, Carl Hilmar Guenther.



Christening gown
Used by many members of the Brown Lane family of Texas.



Made and sold by Eda & Mathilde Wolf at their woman’s clothing shop in San Antonio.


2015_1_3-4 (2)

Campaign buttons
ca. 1981
When he was elected, Henry Cisneros became the city’s first mayor of Mexican descent since Juan Seguín (1842) and the second Hispanic mayor of a major U.S. city. He served four terms as mayor.









Dog tag
Belonged to Texas veteran Jose M. Valdespino of the 367th Bomb Squadron, 306th Bomber Group










Vaquero hat
20th century
Worn and used by Texan vaquero Juan Luis Longoria.


2015_8_1 (6)

Cowboy hat
Filmmaker Robert Rodriguez‘ hat.



Cane that belonged to Ed Kotula, the “Wool King of Texas.”


2 responses to “New Acquisitions”

  1. mark torres says :

    hi im mark torres live here in san antonio. and collect lot’s of stuff .but one of my most resent picks. is box from 1800’s . it has buttons that say the royal stem boat packing co. also sum small bottles ,hand fans ,and lace . need to no more about it .took to sum collectors they told me to tack it to a if i can get some info .i will bring it in so u can see. thank you.

    • kmccloud says :

      Mr. Torres:
      Thank you for thinking of ITC to help identify your items. The museum is happy to help with any object identifications we can but, can not provide any appraisal information.
      If you can email me some photos of the item to along with a description of any labels you may find on it and some rough dimensions of the item we will do our best to research the object and share our findings with you.
      Thanks again,
      Kate McCloud

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